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Character Name: King Richard of Window
Series: Tales of Graces f
Canon Point: Lineage and Legacies
Summary/History: King Richard on the Aselia Wikia


As a child Richard was quiet, somber, very solitary and convinced that no one in the world wanted to be his friend for anything beyond using him to further their own gains. Despite "being surrounded by people" as he later claimed to Sophie, he often wanted to be alone and found more peace in solitude than in the company of those around him. Being a noble meant behaving as such, but even he admitted that as a child he still had the tenancy to do childish things such as wrapping himself in a blanket and eating apples until "[he] wanted to pop", or reading silly stories. Unfortunately though, growing up as a noble was difficult in many ways outside of what was expected of him. There were often attempts on his life or the life of his father. Because of this he was distrustful of others, even children his own age, and it wasn't until he met Asbel and found him to be a genuine (if not a bit simple-minded) person that really had no intentions to use Richard for anything other than friendship.

Though their time together as young friends along with Cheria, Hubert and Sophie was short lived it was enough for him to open up, learn to trust a little and even laugh with his new found friends. Unfortunately so much of that was taken away from him thanks to his uncle, Archduke Cedric who attempted to poison both him and his father. It nearly worked and Richard would have died if not for the presence of Lambda that appeared in the Barona Catacombs where his friends had found him. They had been attacked by a frightened Lambda that was trying to escape the being sent to kill it and as such Lambda was weakened while Richard was dying.

Because they were both frightened, weak and fighting for their lives Lambda latched on to Richard's desperation and desire to continue living, merging with the young boy and keeping him alive. Because of this, the events that led up to it, and the events that followed with the others Richard once again found himself alone and isolated with only Lambda's presence to guide him.

Because of this, and the deep sense of betrayal felt at such a young age, Lambda had much of Richard's anguish to feed off of and manipulate. Though he still considered the children he met back then his friends, he didn't get to see them again until he was older, and to everyone else aside from his father and one other close relation (Duke Dalen) he likely seemed even more distant and standoffish. Being confined to his castle "for his own safety" didn't help in that regard.

At first when he met up with Asbel again seven years later he, at first, didn't seem any different from when they were younger. Upset, reserved and injured due to yet another betrayal from Archduke Cedric, he was still very happy to see his friends again. It was only later as things turned to violence and he seemed almost manic to get revenge against his uncle as well as regaining his kingdom that it became clear something was wrong with him. He began to kill and harm without mercy, even going so far as to denounce his own friends and threaten them if they did not go along with his plans. It only got worse after being crowned the proper King of Windor following his brutal murder of Cedric, and he went so far as to attack the homeland of Asbel for the rumored whispers of a few that wanted to break away from Windor and join Strahta. It became clear that Richard was not alright, though at the time none knew that his rising insanity was Lambda taking over and feeding off of Richard's constant despair.

He tried to fight it as much as possible, knowing in his own heart that his friends were not his enemies, that this was not how he wanted to create a world without conflict as he so desired when he was younger, but his own feelings and ambitions became completely, utterly entangled with Lambda's until he was no longer able to control himself or his actions.

Despite all of this he also knew deep down that to let Lambda go would be to doom Ephinea completely, willingly taking Lambda back in to himself after Lambda rejected Emeraude with the singular hope and wish that Asbel and his friends would find him and put an end to it once and for all - even at the cost of his life. For all that his emotions were tied up with Lambda throughout much of his teen years, there was still a part of him that greatly desired to do the right thing - for his friends, for his kingdom, for the world.

Thankfully because of Asbel it didn't end that way, and Richard was able to live on without Lambda controlling him. It did leave him with a deep sense of regret for the things he had done, even if they hadn't entirely been his fault. He felt that as a leader and a king he should take responsibility for what had happened, and while he does eventually call on his friends to help him with the aftermath it's clear that as a leader he is the sort that would easily take the world on his shoulders before letting others aid him in doing so.

Even so, once in his right mind it is clear that Richard is a kind and benevolent ruler, willing to compromise, negotiate, send aid where needed and help rebuild what has been torn down due to war and strife. He speaks gently, and is quick to defend not only those he's close to but the people of his nation from any sort of threat. Over time he also regains his sense of humor and even a bit of the childishness that he lost so young, though he tends to keep the latter to his ridiculous persona, the Mask of Barona*

*Note, the Mask of Barona is not actually a superhero of any sort. He just attempts to poorly solve mundane problems and generally be ridiculous.

He can be a bit snarky or snide at times, often teaming up with Malik (the eldest of the group) to tease the younger members of their team or even whisper about relationships or lack their of that the team seem to be involved in. He's a bit silly in his own right due to a lack of common social skills thanks to his time hidden away from the general public, but he doesn't ever cause any harm with it. In fact it seems to draw Sophie to him more after all of the events, to the point where he gives her his "old secret hideaway" in Duke Dalen's mansion.

Even with all of this, though, he still takes his role as King very seriously. He is calm and collected, very, very rarely prone to anger (though irritation happens just as it does to everyone) and far more in tune with his emotions and the emotions of those around him than he was before. Trust of those he's never met before will likely remain an issue for him his entire life, and he even states that he "doesn't have the strength" to simply trust someone (or something in Lambda's case, as he was speaking of the entity at the time) just like that. Given enough time and a show of proper friendship, though, he'll likely find himself once more right at home with the people around him as he is with Asbel and his team.

List of Artes on the Aselia Wikia

Even without Artes, Richard is very adept with a rapier. He is also a skilled leader (if not a little too eager to take on too much) and versed in both diplomatic and war-time issues, making him ideal if not somewhat emotionally driven King.

Items on your character:

Original (Jacket, cravat, undershirt, cape, leggings, boots, belt)
Alternate (Same, different style)*
Head scarf
Transparent face mask

Symphonian Scepter (Rapier)
Effret Cloak
Ephenian Heartguard
Curse-Weak Charm

Apple Gel (x10)
Grape Gel (x4)
Melon Gel (x2)
Truffle (x2)
Apple Parfait (x1)
Apple (x5)
Apple Pie (x1)
Natto (x5)
Music Box (x1)


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